Next  ATV-UTV Poker Run is Sunday, September 2nd. 

People live here... This ride area is not built for race oriented machines, you will be riding through towns and past homes. 

Extreme noise is not welcome.  Take it to the track of the year, that's here too.

The high ground of the Tug Hill Plateau and perfect lake effect location mix to create the highest and most consistent snow in the Northeast

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Snowmoblie Poker Run Series

We pick some of the most scenic routes based on years of riding experience. Check here to get the best "Bike" route to get here.

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Lewis County Weekend ATV Pass....  Book a room, it's good for 3 days... 

Lewis County ATV / UTV Permit - is not needed for the first 7 stops of this event. Most riders cover 50 to 100 miles per day cruising at a  moderate pace so pack accordingly. Something to keep a wallet and cell phone dry is advise, you can ride to get anything else you need on the trail. With the distance you 'll be covering, using the truck as a hub is difficult. Most riders leave their parked trailer when the ride starts and won't get back till it's time to leave. Ya, it's that good. 

You Want the Lewis County ATV/UTV Permit - Access to county reforestation lands that make up some of the best trail riding in the area. Not just the best ride, it funds building more trails. Connectors are great but it's time to start digging for dirt.

Day of Event Arrivals - Park in safe areas on either side of Carpenter Rd. before the hairpin to Timberview. Again, people live here, riders are guests. please show respect for our hosts. Don't block their driveways or drive on their lawns.

Registration and insurance in New York State law, we highly recommend it.

Marketing assistance provided by local business. ATV Permit Discount is sponsor funded and not subsidized by Lewis County.

ATV UTV Poker Run CheckIn Map
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